Friday, June 3, 2011


Ok folks that last post will get you up to speed with my adventure! I have spent since Sunday till today (Friday) waiting for the new throttle cable and preparing to get back on the road again.

The bracket that holds the striker pin for the door was very broken. The cracks in the bracket made it impossible for the drivers side door to open. Mu throry is vibration from the door rattling on the washboard roads caused the cracks. I was able to weld up the cracks and make it work. The welds arent the prettiest since I am terrible at welding sheet metal. But with a little grinding and a little paint, makes a welder what he aint!

I got the tires re-balanced also. Apparently my little trip up Goshute Canyon on the way to the Oro Dey Ray mine removed all the wheel weights for me. On the same trail a rick ripped a large hole in the bottom of my muffler, I got several price quotes and deceided that I will just have to deal with the added noise for now.

Anyways I am headed back out on the road here in a few minutes. Thanks for following me on my adventure and in a few days I ought to have some stuff to post up for you!

Flying dirts, rocks and snow?

I climbed out of the tent at sunrise to watch the motorcycles and side by sides take off. Then because I had stayed up so late hanging around the campfire I headed back to the tent for some shut eye. Getting some sleep turned out to be harder than I thought, since the pits were busy with the sound of un-muffled v-8's and the hustle and bustle last minute prep.

The class 9 guys get competitive. If you don't get out of the way to let someone pass, expected to get a tap or two!
My buddy was suppose to co-drive the #1929 Deviant Illusion Tyrex during the second lap......but as you can see the rear suspension got a little bit bent out of shape. A hidden rock on the course caught the suspension, bent it severely and rolled them. No injuries. Another guy in camp Rylen (#288) did the entire 238 mile course iron man style on a motorcycle! By the time he was done he was so exhausted once he got off the bike and could hardly gather enough strength to move. The south loop was a very rough and rocky one! The motorcycle guys are way tougher than I am, that's for sure!

With the bikes off the course it was time to start the cars and buggies.
 Class 16 VW engine buggy

 Class 4400 "king of the hammers" truck

 Class 5 unlimited

Class 7 mini metal

 Class 1 buggy

This is the only shot I got of the overall winner in his class 10. That car was hauling ass and had a long lead by the time it reached the pits!

With the race coming to a close, the clouds getting darker, wind blowing and the rain starting I decided to head off to my next destination. I was having a great time cruising through the storm until my throttle cable broke! Yes the NEW throttle cable that I just installed a few days ago was finished......the crimped end of the cable inside the cab just fell off. I tried to crimp the fitting back on but it ended up ricocheting to some unknown location under the dashboard. A bit miffed, wet and shivering cold I came up with this solution:
(thanks Kurt for radioing Jason to stop and check on me while I was broken on the side of the I-80! The feeling of being broken and alone was replaced vaporized once I knew that somebody had my back! Thanks a million guys!)

Surprisingly once I got it adjusted and zip tied out of the way it worked flawlessly. So much that I kinda forgot it was there. I got into Salt Lake and made it to a friends house. We got to talking and decided that since it was Saturday nigh (of Memorial weekend) the earliest I would be able to get into a dealership and order the part was Tuesday. There was a high probability that the part would have to be ordered and would take several days to get there. I decided that I could drive the remaining 90-100 miles and just wait for the part at home.
I actually needed to shift into 4x4 going through Sardine Canyon on my way home........going from a dry dusty desert to a snowy mountain pass was not quite what I expected when I woke up this morning!