Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bugs in the desert:

Today started at 12:30 am. I rolled up to the pits of the upcoming Bonneville Off-Road Race and signed my release form. I headed to pit row and found a spot amongst some baja bugs and set up camp for the night and fell to sleep. I snuggled into my bag and tried to get some shut eye before morning.

Bonneville Off-Road Racing was formed in 1989 by a group of intermountain area racers with a goal of getting together and racing. Motorcycles, side by sides, trucks, buggies, class 1's, it doesn't really matter what you want to race they will welcome all with open arms. BOR is a completely volunteer based group who's focus is on racing, not your checkbook. The philosophy is "racing for the people, by the people"

This low budget s-10 Blazer and this high dollar class 1 are both just as welcome at this race.

I got to talking with the VW baja bugs owners I was camped next to and they invited me to tag along with them. They were heading out to pre-run the north half of the race course to find a path for the fuel trailer and to scout out the check points. I had a blast riding along! I have always had a soft spot for baja bugs and I was blown away by how much quicker they can head down the get down the trail. It sure was a different sitting so low to the ground over such rough terrain! Basically the back of your heel rests against the floor board is where the ground clearance runs out. Tim's green baja had a swapped in EJ22 motor from a Subaru and could really scoot!

Thanks Kyle and Tim for the ride!

After the ride I spent some time wandering the pits checking out the cars:

Later that evening my buddy Chadwick rolled up and we raided his campfire and had a good time talking late into the night.