Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Set of Shoes

Spent the day upgrading the tires and wheels on the Jeep. The set of tires that the Jeep came shod with all 4 tires being of varying age, brands, dry rotten and fairly cracked. The rims were scraped and rusty. To top it all off the spare wont hold air for more than a few minutes and is nearly completely bald, not to mention it the lug nuts securing it to the back were completely seized...........It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out perfect recipe for getting yourself stranded on some lonely desert back road.

Again I stole parts off the old Jeep. (poor girl is starting to look a bit picked over) The tires are nearly new but the rims cosmetically had seen better days. The clear coat was pitted, peeling and would never come clean. If fact this is what they look like after a good blasting from a pressure washer and some scrubbing with a stiff brush:

Like the center console I smeared on some aircraft part stripper and removed the clear coat. A little sandpaper, pressure washing, several coats of wax and two really sore arms later....... almost as good as new:

Mounted them up only to find out they just barely fit and would definatly rub after hitting the slightest bump:

The Wrangler they were previously bolted to had a 2 inch body lift......I am not a huge fan of body lifts so I got out a utility knife and started trimming. Surprisingly it only took 15-20 minutes to trim all of the fender flares:

So far they seem to fit without rubbing, even without the 2 inch body lift. Went on a short test ride to check for fit; so far so good! Monday I am going to "forklift test" the suspension to get a better idea if they will fit once the suspension flexes and the axle articulates........wish me luck!