Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A stereo possessed by demons

Finally finished reinstalling my stereo today. This install took a bit longer than normal because all the wires had to be lengthened to reach the new location. Once the lid is flipped over and locked the CD player is pretty much impossible to steal. (not that anyone would steal this old POS)

I also installed some new speakers for the sound bar (another component scavanged from the old jeep):
I decided that some cheapy $35 Walmart speakers would suffice, especially since the speakers are only 6 inches away from the top of your head. I still cant figure the CD player out.......sometimes it wont turn off for 20-25 seconds after removing the key! I checked the connections over and over and the wiring is done correctly, I am convinced its just possessed by demons and is in need of an exorcism. I don't think I will be using the CD player much on my adventure much anyway. CD's and washboard roads don't usually go hand in hand..........waste of time.

Onto my Bengals Juice Box. It is the perfect solution for secure storage for a few extra quarts of oil. I decided to go with a 5 quarts box. 4 quarts is enough to do a full engine or transmission change (Jeep specifies engine oil for the ax-5 transmission nowadays), one quart of ATF will cover the transfer case and the power steering and in a pinch the differentials can survive with engine oil for a few miles. Here is the the box:

 To open it you unscrew a small thumb wheel and slide the front panel up:

I had intentions of installing the box under the hood, but the it just looked too cool to hide where nobody would see it. So I decided to mount it just behind the drivers seat:

I have been VERY pleased with this purchase.  The box is very well constructed, holds the quarts rock solid, handmade in the USA and is reasonably priced! The flared holes add quite a bit of strength and must add at least 5 horsepower ;) They only drawback that comes to mind is due to the design you are limited to certain shape bottles/ brands of oil. On a trip to the local parts store I discovered that Autozone, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Costal and a few other brands fit.

To order yours click here: Bengals Juice Box  and shoot Metal Twister a PM.