Tuesday, April 19, 2011

120 volt power

Today I installed a power inverter to charge phone, laptop and camera batteries while i am out on my trip this summer. Earlier this week I installed my CD player in the center console and now had a vacant hole in the dashboard that just happened to be the perfect size for my inverter! I decided to go this route because of the flexibility of being able charge most anything without the need for a second 12 volt charger. It also makes it possible to run other low watt appliances. 

I bought a 200 watt inverter from Amazon. For charging  batteries 200 watts is sufficient for my needs.

I started by taking it apart and snipping the wires that run to the plugs:

I then cut a piece of black plastic to cover

It didn't have to be pretty, but it cant block any of the vent holes:

Next I reattached the wires that I snipped earlier and reassembled with the plastic piece sandwiched an-between:

Then I carefully drilled some self tapping screws through the base of the inverter (being very that the screws wouldn't contact any of the parts inside) and the old CD tray.

Here it is all installed and ready for use. Much better looking than an empty hole: