Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sanctuary for a lucky few

The main destination on my agenda for the day is The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. As I was driving out of my canyon I was reminded that Hog Canyon is a haven for OHV activity.

This area was created in conjunction with the BLM and the Canyon Country 4X4 club. I know the club has put in many hours with the BLM opening the area and spends many more hours maintaining it. Just an example of how when a club gets involved we all win. The area has moderate sandy trails to extreme rock buggy trails where carnage isn't a possibility, is expected
. Since I slept in I didn't have much time to explore I wandered some of the sandy trails and made it to where some of the trails started to get rougher than my little Jeep could handle.

I made my way back to the highway. After a short drive on pavement I was at the Sanctuary. Best Friends is the largest no kill sanctuary in the United States. At any given time there are 1800-2000 animals living here. They have dogs, cats, birds, sheep, ducks, geese, horses, burrows and even pot belly pigs. I checked in at the visitors center and made arrangements to take a tour of the facilities.

This hound mix puppy is named Dream. She was born here at the sanctuary when her abandoned mother was brought in. She was eventually adopted, however for some reason her adoptive family was unable to keep her. And today was her first back at the sanctuary. She was an extremely sweet dog but was a bit timid and hesitant to be your friend at first. Who could blame her? If I was not midway through my journey I would have gone through the process of adopting and brought her home with me. Her story really struck the soft spot in my heart and brought a tear to my eye.

We then went to cat world and visited the cats. I am really not a cat person, but it was still interesting nevertheless. It was amazing to see the individual care that the staff here gives to the animals.

After the tour I wandered my way to the cemetery of the sanctuary: Angels Rest.

This is a really nice peaceful place, as most cemeteries are. Around 5000 once abandoned and forgotten animals are buried here. I couldn't help but notice but this cemetery was better kept and had more marked graves than many I have visited so far.

Once I was finished with my visit to the sanctuary I made my way down the interstate to Page, Arizona. Once I was in town I looked into signing up for a tour of the Antelope Slot Canyon. If you have ever seen a photo of a picturesque slot canyon with a bright beam of light shining down this is where it was taken. I found that most people book their tour weeks or months in advance, but planning ahead is something I am not the best at. I was pleased to find that the company had one spot left for the photography tour the next day. I planned to visit and take some pictures, so the picture tour sounded good to me. I felt that $50 asking price for a tour was more than a bit on the steep side.......after all the tour is only an hour and a half. I parted ways with my money and made the reservation hoping I had made the right decision.

I made my way to the Wahweep Marina for a quick shower and to refill my water jug. The showers here were nice, clean and warm. $2 worth of quarters gets you  15 minutes of shower time. The shower so felt wonderful after having gone a few days without one the heat of the desert. After taking my shower I felt civilized again and made my way to Lone Rock primitive camping area to set up for the night. I set up the tent, made dinner, watched the sunset and was finally drifting off to sleep when it got noisy to sleep. It was well after midnight when some jackass with a loud diesel truck and a 5th wheel as big as a house pulled up. He proceeded to blind campers with his headlights and yell at his wife in his search for the perfect camping spot right next to the water. Finally the guy got settled in and the noise died.........until at 2:00 he turned on his generator! I was absolutely blown away at the disrespect this giant mega douche bag was showing to his fellow campers. He had set his noisy generator up 50 or so feet from his trailer. I bet he didn't want to listen to it either. I unplugged his extension cord and threw it off into the sage brush. Unable to find the kill button in the dark I ripped off the spark wire tearing the wire off the boot in the process. I am usually a pretty passive person, but this guy just kept pushing my buttons. More than a little bit irritated and half expecting a confrontation I walked back to the Jeep to get some sleep.


  1. You give Jeeping a bad name. You obviously don't know how dangerous it is to post your little "stories" on the net because it might just come back to bite you in the dick one of these days. Even if I did believe that you screwed with his generator (which I don't) that dude would rip you a new asshole. Stop lying about shit that didn't happen. It doesn't make you sound cool, it makes you sound desperate.

  2. whhooaa. No name calling. I could see myself doing the same thing. anonymous is the problem, being passive and not standing up for what you believe in would be worse than taking a hit in the face. I have truly enjoyed reading through this blog and look forward to new posts

    Doug Nephew "DUGFAB"

  3. Ha whoa was not expecting to be called a dick. Believe me or not Mr Anonymous, your choice. If you don't like the blog go somewhere else to whine......

    The gentleman was asked several times to turn off his headlights and keep the noise down by several campers. I don't get mad often or easily but this guy was being exceptionally rude. Ruining the spark plug boot was never my intention and looking back I should just have asked him to turn it off, or perhaps just called the Sheriff. Hindsight is 20/20. That is all I will comment.

    I am glad that you agree with me Doug. I am sure many a folk we know would have done the same. I am happy your liking the blog and it was great meeting you out at the races! Hopefully I will be out there next time too!

  4. You're a better man than I Daniel; I would've poured water and/or sand in the genset's fuel tank and let it shut itself off.

    I enjoy your "little stories", and say more power to you. With the genset incident, all you were doing was delivering the bad kharma that the mega 5th wheel DBag deserved already. Well done for being the vessel that was chosen to deliver it.


  5. That is preposterous! "Anonymous" needs to get off of his high horse. Said comment was simply uncalled for. My hat comes off to you sir for doing what you deemed necessary. During my usual internet escapades, I noticed that my favorite little blog hasn't been updated ;) I do hope that everything is well with you on your journey. Christ be with you on your adventure.

    Much love,

  6. Back up off my man, bitches.